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15 September 2020

POSitive Inventory Functions

 POSitive Point of Sale allows you the following functions:

1. Constructed Items

Constructed (Bill of Material) items are normally associated with the food industry where Hamburgers are constructed of items such as 1 x bread roll, 2 x slices of tomato, 1 x slice of cheese, 1 x meat patty etc. But are you aware that you can also use it for furniture? If you are selling beds they normally consist of a base and a mattress which can be sold as a base set or the base and mattress can be sold individually. 

Configuring POSitive as in the above image will keep the physical stock of Base and Mattress and the Base Set will be a Service Item which when sold will extract 1 x Base and 1 x Mattress from your stock or when GRV'd will add 1 x Base and 1 x Mattress to your stock on hand.

2.  Pack Sizes

POSitive caters for a unlimited number of Pack Sizes thus allowing you to configure your Inventory in Single, Six Pack, Case, Pallet, Container etc if required. Before using the Pack Sizes function in POSitive it is important to identify the largest stock size of the Inventory Item. In the example below it is the Case (24) which will be the item which will be broken up when selling Six Packs and Singles.


Negative stock on hand will thus only be visible on the Item with Pack Quantity of 1.

3.  Embedded Barcodes 

If you are using scales in your store you can configure scale items using this embedded barcode function of POSitive Point of Sale.  

POSitive caters for both weight embedded as well as price embedded barcodes. Please consult your scale supplier to assist with the configuration of your scale items.

Good News: POSitive will soon be able to create your scale pricing file to integrate with your scales.

Contact us on Support to receive more information about these and all our other Inventory features. 



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