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17 May 2021

Customer Testimonial - Molowethu Eastern Cape

e'Molowethu Liquor Store


Molowethu Cash & Carry 


In 2008 Paulo Agriao started using POSitive Point of Sale from the previous owners Regality in his business Central Market Garden in Pretoria. In July 2015 when he opened e'Molowethu Liquor Store, part of the Overland Liquors group, in Cathcart in the Eastern Cape he contacted POSitive POS SA looking to use his trusted Point of Sale. He started off with a single Point of Sale shipped to him by courier installed on hardware also provided by POSitive POS SA. Training was provided by telephone and so the relationship started.

Soon Paulo's business grew and he purchased more licences for POSitive POS and when he opened Molowethu Cash & Carry it just made sense that Paulo would stick by the feature rich POSitive Point of Sale software, so he opted to install POSitive POS with it's Pack Sizes in his cash and carry store.

During the past 6 years a few features were added to POSitive POS due to the influence of Paulo e.g. Bulk Selling Price Updates. 

The latest development in Cathcart was when Paulo saw that more and more of his customers, who was historically cash customers wanted to pay with bank cards. Bank cards provide customers more safety over their money, so Paulo again contacted POSitive POS SA who suggested using the recently certified Vexen Pin Pad EFT Integration.

"This integrated EFT as well as POSitive POS' airtime integration with Vexen will give me accurate control over the card transactions happening in my two businesses and will eliminate mistakes with the previous duplicate airtime  transactions." said Paulo.

Molowethu group of companies implemented seven Vexen Pin Pads with seven of their existing ten Point of Sale machines, the rest is operated as Cash Only points. To find out more about POSitive Point of Sale and the integration with the Vexen Pin Pads, contact support.

18 April 2021

POSitive now integrates with Sage Business Cloud Accounting!

Sage Business Cloud Accounting, the accounting and finance package for small businesses are the most commonly used package used by accountants in South Africa. 

If your accountant is using Sage Business Cloud Accounting you can now integrate your POSitive Point of Sale to your Sage Business Cloud Accounting package.

After installation you will need a once off configuration of your Sage Accounts to be utilised by the integration.

The integration will run by default every 12 hours and can be increased or decreased as required.

POS Sales, Refunds, Credit Notes and Laybyes are aggregated per day thus every POS Sale does not create a Sales Journal in your Accounting software.

To find out more about this module for POSitive Point of Sale please contact support.

Customer Testimonial - Molowethu Eastern Cape

e'Molowethu Liquor Store and  Molowethu Cash & Carry  Background: In 2008  Paulo Agriao started using POSitive Point of Sale from th...