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22 June 2020

New Support Procedure

As you might have noticed we are in the process of growing our company’s footprint into the rest of Africa. Now what does this mean to you, our existing customer? Well we will improve the POSitive Point of Sale product and you will be able to benefit from these changes. Some of the existing changes made were the integration into an online shop. We are also soon releasing Netcash QR payments which will allow your customers to pay you directly from their bank’s mobile app ensuring that there is no physical touching of their bank cards.

What implications will these changes have on me? Sure, there will be changes, as with any other growth there must be changes to ensure service delivery. One of the most important changes we will enforce from 1 July 2020 is the creating of a Support Ticket whenever you need assistance from our support team. We are aware that it was easy to just pick up the phone and call Marik√° whenever you had a question or query. Due to the pressure of a growing customer base we would like to allow Marik√° and her team to provide all our customers with the same excellent service. If we do not manage the process you might be at the receiving end of bad service which we obviously not want.

To ensure you all are familiar with the POSitive Helpdesk, we have created an Annexure below which explains exactly how to use it.

We appreciate your assistance with this matter and assure you that our support will exceed your expectations.

Annexure A:
1. To log in to the POSitive Point of Sale Helpdesk click on this link:
2. This page will open.
3. Click on the + next to New Support Ticket
4. Complete the following form
5. Enter all the information marked with Red on the left in the form. Once you start typing
the Subject you will see the Helpdesk system will try to match existing Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ) to your query. In the above example the one marked in Red on the
right matches with the problem logged. By clicking on the FAQ, you can see possible
6. Or you can click on the I’m not a robot checkbox and then click the SUBMIT button
7. One of our friendly support persons will respond to your ticket or give you a call.
8. PS: Always include your number

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