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03 November 2020

POSitive Restaurant - Do you know what you get for free?

 POSitive Restaurant (Touch)

When looking for a Point of Sale for your restaurant, take away, pub & grill or shebeen; look no further. POSitive Point of Sale ship with a FREE Touch Screen / Restaurant version. 

Why free? You might ask. Well actually it is not free, you still need to purchase POSitive Point of Sale our feature rich cash and stock management POS software. So what are you getting free with the restaurant version?

  1. Touch screen capability - This allows you to install it on a touch Screen for easy usage by your waiter staff without a keyboard or mouse.
  2. Dine In - Waiters select their tables from a graphical representation of your floor layout and add items to the table while your customers dine. On completion the waiter prints the bill and allow the customer to pay.
  3. Table layout - The floor layout can be configured and even re-configured before you open your restaurant on a daily basis to show the layout of your tables.

  4. Kitchen printer - POSitive POS allows you to configure up to 10 kitchen printers and you link any menu item to any kitchen printer during the configuration.
  5. Cooking messages - This is where you define the cooking messages to assist your chefs to prepare the food exactly as per the customer's requirement. Will that steak be rare, medium rare, medium or well done?
  6. Custom button setup - You have a 3 x 5 (15) button main menu which each opens up to a menu with unlimited buttons   
  7. Table management - Here you can assign waiters from one table to another, merge tables and split tables.
  8. Take Away - This function allows you to quickly take orders from your customers and send the orders to the predefined kitchen printers for quick preparation. 
  9. Delivery - Typically the same functionality as Take Away except that you can capture your customer's address detail for your delivery person. This is done by telephone number so that return customers can easily be loaded without re-capturing their address detail.
  10. Gratuity - On Dine In, Take Away and Delivery a separate Gratuity can be captured and a Sales by Waiter report with Gratuities can be printed for each day or shift.
  11. EFT Payment Gateways - Currently the Touch module can make use of the following 3 Payment Gateways:
    • Vexen
    • Yoco
    • Netcash QR
    • Snapscan and Zapper is currently being integrated and will be available by the end of 2020.
To get your restaurant up and running with POSitive ask our support to provide you with our dummy guide to setup and configure your restaurant.

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